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Sense, Nonsense, and Not-Sense

A waystation of news and opinion

Silver Adept
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Erm, where do I begin? I run a small little webcomic that nobody's heard of but that may be referenced many times, I game, I read books, I listen to music, I play violent video games on occasion. Sometimes those interests overlap, into things like listening to video game remixes or. I occasionally decide that I want to try sketching and drawing on occasion. It will probably be a warm day in the Ninth Circle before anything good appears from my hands.

I'm also part of a really cool group of people called the Knights of Jubal, dedicated to the purpose of bringing forward the noble arts of chivalry and making them applicable to modern times.

I have been dubbed Stewie, the mastermind behind the Four Commenters of the Apocalypse, youthful in appearance, with a predilection towards taking over LJ, but always being foiled at the last minute by a shiny distraction or something cute.

Some information in short sentences. Style copied from the_gneech.

Eyes: Hazel, green when tired.
Hair: Brown? Blond? Somewhere in between? I've never really taken the time to figure it out.
Shape: Built onto a supportive frame, of appropriate height and weight, just wiry.
Profession: Polymath-in-training.
Generation: According to our commencement speaker for the first degree, I'm part of the "Net Generation"... kay.
Religion: True, false, and meaningless all at the same time.
Politics: Left-of-center, according to a real scale, not one tipped to the right that serves as the "center" for American politics. Beyond that, no idea where I fit on the spectrum. Have probably said enough to enshrine me firmly in a liberal camp somewhere, I just haven't got the membership card yet. I'm pretty sure I sent that application in at some point...
Online Demeanor: Generally friendly, uses complete sentences, random humor, occasional bouts of angst and anger - basically the same way I behave in real life.
RL Demeanor: Generally friendly, prone to anxiety and depression in bouts, perfectionist with optimistic pessimist attitudes. See also, above about on-line demeanor.
Greatest Wish: To know myself. Finally starting to get to work on that. Slowly making progress. Occasional bursts of insight.
Greatest Fear: That I'm really someone else other than the person I think I am.
Greatest Frustration: The inability to master something quickly.
What Cheers Me Up: Good jokes, horrible puns, conversation with friends, a good ice cream sundae.
What Ticks Me Off: Willful ignorance, Rampant stupidity, People who just don't care, People who actively try to suppress other people.
I Am: many things, often in conflict with each other as well as me.
I Am Not: organized. My thoughts flit about with the capriciousness of zephyrs. This makes for some very interesting conversations, as connections that may not be apparent, or even remotely logical, are the means by which I traverse memory and knowledge.
I Wish I Was: more able to know myself.

The blog itself has sort of settled into a roundup of Strange and Wonderful Things I Found on the Intarwebs Today/Over the Last (X) Days. There are occasional interspersions of other material, but for the most part, it's a big long list of links with commentary.
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