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Political Parking Space

Everything here is under cut, because it involves politics or political figures. At least for this entry, you don't have to go there if you don't want to.

Syria is bad, well beyond the point of women killing themselves to avoid being violated by the government's forces.

Happy faces after the Dakota access pipeline is stopped.

The reality of how much politics is entwined in everyday life.

What looks innocuous could turn out to be horrible, if you recognize the signs.

Dickensian tale, with Trump as Scrooge.

The election is still messing with the health of the marginalized.

The incoming administrator is poised to expand the bubble surrounding fossil fuels, rather than working toward their replacement. Because of that, there's a scramble on to preserve as much data as possible before it gets scrubbed from government websites.

The need for those that profess morals to build a coalition that raises everyone up instead of enriching the white rich people.

The need for an immediate and public investigation of how much Russia did to influence the election and how complicit Trump may have been in taking the help. Serious words, like "high crimes and misdemeanors", may need to be attached to the call. People who have been in the business a while say there needs to be more investigation and disclosure. Intelligence agencies concluded Russia was interfering long before the election. An audit of the election is a sensible requirement, given the proven interference. And given the improbability of what happened.

The incoming administrator's pro-Russia stance, in light of the actions taken to his benefit, becomes very distrustworthy. It's a very, very consistent pro-Russia stance.

Many calls came for the Electoral College to vote away from someone who demonstrated plenty of reasons why they shouldn't be elected.

Reasons why the incoming administrator fails to achieve the respect deserved of the word "President".

Pay attention to all the ways that language in use by politicians and media types fail to be accurate. Beware of being so deluged with bullshit that the truth is suffocated. Be careful of your own institutions being used for propaganda. Learn how to distinguish between real news and fake news.

Pay attention to the conflicts and the scandals and the unprecedented behavior.

Pay attention to who owns the debt the incoming administrator has.

Understand the agenda that intends to give sweeping powers to everyone to discriminate based on their religious belief and that places the unqualified and the hostile in charge of government and then claims nobody has the right to effective institutions.

The likelihood that Ivanka Trump would be a princess, rather than a women's advocate.

There was plenty of fear and xenophobia already present. The incoming administrator chose to tap into it. The effects are obvious, including in the schools. Which means believing people when they say they do not like you and want to see you hurt. The narrative is attempting to gaslight you, but you can fight back. They will try harder to make you doubt your own experience.

Believe in the humanity of everyone. And consequently, gather everyone you can under a shared banner. Build your networks of local people and local media. See the signs of the authoritarian and move against him.

Pay attention to which time-frame is under discussion, and try not to inject a different one into the discussion.

Ways to contact your elected officials, if you are in the United States.

What could have happened has the electors voted differently. Many of them demanded intelligence on the Russia situation before casting their votes. The Clinton campaign wanted them to have that information.

A case being made that Electoral College members should be chosen by proportion of votes received to avoid perversion of the popular will.

Ways of strengthening yourself against government surveillance and requests. A reminder that patriotic gestures and requests may be tyrannical ones. The power of being a person that can lead a small group that can lead the rest.

Self-care is an important component of effectively resisting things that assault the psyche. Taking care of yourself means doing what you can with the spoons and mental state you have. And sometimes means worrying about finding the right moisturizer.

An account from a doctor about all the later-term abortions they've performed. The world of women who can't access a safe abortion or afford one. Which is much more likely to be reality, even though statistically, the abortion rate is the lowest it has been.

A pledge to not stand by our just do one's job, should that job involve spying, targeted data collection, or other actions the age illegal or that might establish things based on ethnicity or religion. Which is good, but consider adding on to it a pledge to code ethically and responsibly.

Self-defense against having a headscarf grabbed. Practical advice about hardening yourself against online attacks.

The need for solutions that help everyone and not just your own square of identity. Focusing solely on poor rural whites is not going to get you anywhere.

Ask the homeless about what is best for the homeless.

The possibility that the upcoming environment will produce a lot of great works of queer literature. Creativity as the way to defeat apathy.

Finally, a reminder of human decency.

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