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27 December 2016 @ 11:32 pm
December Days 26 - Pieces of (Fan)art  
[It's December Days time! There's no overarching theme this year, so if you have ideas of things to write about, I'm more than happy to hear them.]

Wonder Woman, soberly.

Wonder Woman, ready for battle.

Wonder Woman, displaying wisdom and mentorship.

Galadriel, looking beautiful.

Differences in travel speeds.

Concept pictures for the Avatar, the Last Airbender cast.

A full-color cast picture of the Gaang.

Very strong core muscles.

Holding the world in your hands.

A happy reunion.

Costumes time!

A couple showing intimacy.

Hidden strength.

Proper uses of a vibranium shield.

Dorothy and the Lion.

The desire for flight.

Disney villains in portraiture style.

The Little Mermaid, were white not the default skin tone. Anna and Elsa, in the same vein.

An iconic member of the Blue Lantern Corps.

The practicalities of raising a child while Spiderman.

Grieving sisters, which reminds me of a movie where Jet Li plays a monk, and these two sister snakes go out into the world and one falls in love with a man. It ends tragically, but I can't remember the name of the movie.

A summoning that goes correctly, but not as planned.

Beyoncé modeling as a Barbie doll.

The Avengers in a newsmagazine spread.

Colored pencils drawings.

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