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22 November 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Other things and sundry - 1 November - 21 November 02013  
Ladies and gentlemen, why are costume makers deciding to make chilldren's costumes all as variations on a ballet tutu, including a Batgirl...in pink? Because they're following the lead of studios like Disney, who deliberately removed all of the tomboy aspects of Merida to make her part of the Disney Princess line, much like what they did to Mulan.

Some of Sweden's cinemas are now including the Bechdel test as part of the critical rating they give a film.

The Beatles did a lot of very neat musical things with "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and did so by getting it past the radar with fairly bland, poppy lyrics.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, an armistice was called to end the first Great War, which included battles like the one for the Somme. Despite having seen the horrors of war to come, more war came after that one.

Which only means that when we have disasters, we must post lists of NGOs ready to help survivors of a typhoon in the Philippines, instead of being secure that the international aid community can cover it with money to spare.

Rather than being summarily dismissed from his post for his purchase of cocaine from an undercover cop, as anyone in a normal job would be, a Representative charged with such will simply take a "leave of absence" from his work. The perks of being a Congresscritter.

The insistence that people work hard and love their company allows companies to fleece their workers and blame the workers for the decisions by executives to fleece them. Company loyalty, for most companies, should be predicated on more than getting paid.

A useful bit of information for you - several chain drugstores are helping with getting people signed up for insurance mandated by the Affordable Care Act. They also have in-person assisters to help guide people through the process. So it's not just the website as an entry point. The slow start to the Affordable Care Act is quite similar to the start for its predecessor, Romneycare. And, because of the deliberate obstruction happening in the states, various plans are starting to be proposed to make things work better, many of which make the problem worse.

Oral arguments began at the Supreme Court of the United States on 6 November regarding a case involving Christian prayer at the beginning of town meetings, for which those protesting said the invocation made them feel unwelcome. Harassment given to those plaintiffs after their choice to sue suggests they may have been underselling the hostility of the town toward religious minorities. This appears to be a pretty obvious case with regard to the First Amendment, and all the lower courts have ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, so it's troubling that SCOTUS agreed to hear the case.

John Boehner believes it appropriate to give virulently anti-gay groups meeting space in the United States Capitol. A challenger to a Senate seat will not dispute that he was involved with neo-Confederates, but if you claim he voted as a Democrat in a primary, he will fight you to the end of the suggestion.

238 names of lives cut short by violence against tráns* people. We're regrettably not there enough yet to work on reducing that. Because we have high-profile people like Liz Cheney throwing her sister to the wolves to score cheap political points, instead of showing familial support. Even when someone is the clear favorite, people can still find a way to have a good relationship.

Making your own clothes is a time-and-money intensive task because modern fashion uses waste and industry and economy of scale to produce their product. Much like a large swath of modern Western society, cheap and disposable rules the day.

Seattle's police department has installed a mesh network capable of tracking wireless devices over a rather large area of the city. And hasn't really said a whole lot about how they intend to use that power.

Despite being a direct competitor of Google, Microsoft is earning $2 billion USD from royalties on patents it claims Google uses in their Android mobile operating system, collected from manufacturers of products that have Android on them. The idea of voiding a large swath of technology patents and barring their reapplication starts to look really good as a way of fixing this.

Tech work has some advocates for removing entirely the work-life divide, which isn't as dastardly as selling one's soul to the company, but there is some pressure to stay for extended hours and days.

A new strain of malware that infects multiple vectors, including using high-frequency transmissions between speakers and microphones to cross airgaps, is potentially a very scary threat, assuming that peer review agrees with the initial conclusions.

Happy dogs wag their tails predominantly in one direction, compared to anxious dogs.

Business wear engineered with the same technology and design as performance sportswear. I'll bet they're really comfortable as well as being able to help with temperature and perspiration issues.

If someone tells you that cis people need privacy and protection from trans* people in the bathroom, freely call them on their bullshit and remind them that trans* people are more likely to be bathroom-policed and need privacy and protection as Reverend Lunatic points out.

Last for tonight, get to be on good terms with failure if you want to succeed at things that take practice. Which sometimes means having to own up to the mistakes of the past, like liberal thinkers that embrace and embraced eugenics as a way of improving the population.

And for something much more uplifting, the Make-A-Wish foundation and more than 12,000 volunteers in San Francisco make a child's dream come true by letting him save the city as Batkid. Which included such things as an indictment against Edward Nigma and Oswald Cobblepot.

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Kathryn: Tsutsujitsutsujigirl on November 23rd, 2013 12:12 am (UTC)
I was one of the people that signed the anti-New Merida petition.