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The World Has Not Yet Ended - 6 November 2008

Ka-ta-ma-ri Mambo-des!

Also, through safely to the other side of Ibex, and will now have to relearn, rethink, and re set-up the things that I wanted. There may be a small amount of frustration involved with this, but I don’t think it will be horrible. For the most part, though, back in business as it was before.

Zappa's original Mothers of Invention drummer dies at 70. Eventually, you end up working for Zappa. OR playing his tunes. Or enjoying them.

British beekeepers deliver petition to government for more research into colony collapse. Keep the fuzzy pollinators alive, yo.

Russia's president has declared missiles will be deployed near Poland to counter the NATO missile shield plans. I really am wondering whether there will be a Cold War flashback in the next few years.

One of Osama bin Laden's sons was denied asylum into Spain after it was determined he did not fit the criteria.

Sudan continues to be a problem, with a high UN official recommending against an arrest warrant for the president because of the possible reaction.

Bhutan completes a transformation into a democratic form of government, with the previous king abdicating to his son. Whether that makes the entire country more democratic, we do not yet know.

Now that the election has finished and a decision has been made, there’s also people clamoring to show us what we've signed up for, a centrist-at-best who looks liberal because we project it on him or in comparison to the other guy. They’re eagerly anticipating seeing what shows up on the “blank slate” of the President-elect when he takes actual power. Some are warning against his high-flying rhetoric, believing his wings are held together with wax, as others take issue with the idea that the executive can do anything at all to run or fix the country, while letting them be able to ruin it. And ruin it they will, apparently, because taxes aren't paid by businesses, but by consumers, who already don’t have enough money to afford anything, and the Republicans did not manage to hammer that idea home to win the election. And there will be loads of spending as each of the special interests groups that funds the Democratic Party lines up at the trough, apparently. (Also, claiming that the Republican Party is the party of values and has few special interests is a joke.) And then they'll fight the President-elect to have their own way, no matter how bad it would be for the country.

Of course, this also means that everyone will declare racism over in the country, making it time to do away with affirmative action policies that are racist against whites. (I exaggerate. Slightly.) And certain nominally-independent Senators may find themselves stripped, flogged, and sent to the Republicans to join them.

From what's actually been said, President-elect Obama intends to fund lots of science. The President-elect on scientific issues, in his own words.

Others may be looking at the total cost of the election, whether noting the impressive spending by small donations or declaring the end of the public financing system.

An eye may be kept of Governor Palin, in case she is the poster child for the next Republican Presidential contest. Although her geography apparently still leaves much to be desired. Naturally, the Governor dismissed such things as rumors. We get to see how the Republican Party and conservatism in general either destroys the Governor as a failure and an albatross, or tries to save her from herself and build her up into a challenger for the next election. Now that the campaign is over, the tensions between the ticket members that were underneath the surface are starting to come out, now that it's safe to do so. It's really too bad that the John McCain of older years wasn't the one running, or it could have been a much closer race.

Liberal Seagull suggests that there will be a lot of scared lashing out by conservatives, because the socialist, gun-stealing, tree-hugging monster called Senator Obama was elected and there’s no retreat point like “I’ll move to Canada”. And worse, if elected officials, they might have to sell their homes at a loss in the market.

All in all, though, It might be okay to be an American abroad again. At least for a little while, while hope reigns. And perhaps we'll be able to bury the hatchet.

The question of homosexual marriage should not have been put to the people, according to Sentient Developments, because the people as a whole are disinclined to protect minorities, because individually, the populace often has an active hostility toward minorities. They change depending on the person, but some segment of the populace is “against” them at any given time. And, as we find out, while they'll elect a Democrat, the populace will happily vote for a socially conservative proposition. In fact, if you want to delve deeper into that data, you can search to see who contributed what and whether they supported or opposed Proposition 8. Which allows for the generation of reports such as The Californians Against Hate Dishonor Roll, chronicling the organizations and persons who gave large amounts of money in support of Proposition 8. All of this contributes to the potentially unfortunate fact that the culture wars will continue, regardless of whether one side wins or not. For some, the result is a clear warning to President-elect Obama that if he stacks the bench with those who want to overturn gay-marriage bans, the referenda will put them back every time, or that the American people understand that marriage is fundamentally about children, and that treating other people differently because they won’t have children is perfectly okay, even though treating someone differently because they have a different skin color isn’t. For others, it's a setback, but not the end to the fight, and that others will file to challenge, assuming it passes, as the last of the votes haven’t quite yet been counted. For those not waiting or wanting to wait for the lawsuits, perhaps pride parades in Utah or the letter-writing campaign intending to flood the White House and Capitol Hill with your voice?

Perhaps the best option, though? If the state or the feds are going to treat you inequally, then they can kiss your tax revenues goodbye. After all, if they want to declare you not a full citizen, then you don’t have any citizen obligations, like paying taxes.

As if to point out that it doesn’t really give a damn about the elections, the stock market continued to fall down, perhaps as a reminder that the President-elect will probably be judged on whether or not he was able to stabilize and perhaps fix the economy. For Walter Williams, it's a lost cause, because the government is responsible for the crisis.

Elsewhere, Mona Charen has bought the line from the Parents Television Council that exposure to sexualized media makes kids more sexual, as exposure to violent media makes kids more violent... except that it doesn’t. And all the material quoted had no context as to why kids might think they should wait. And not so much about the usage of contraceptives. Okay, really, for me, the fact that she quotes the PTC at all invalidates any sort of belief I might have in her statistics of choice, and makes me suspicious of any quotes she might be pulling. Now I understand why academics have to cite, so that if they say something that the numbers don’t support, someone can call them on it. Or at least be forced to provide the context of their claims. And admit that correlation is not causation.

In science and tech, an umbrealla that doubles as a personal stereo, designed so that only those under the umbrella hear the sound comeing from the speakers</a>. Better than the boombox on the shoulders, I’d say.

Additionally, moon craters as repositories of early life on Gaia, open-source cloud computing options for startups or those who don't want to lease, successful tests of new and cheaper genome-sequencing techniques, as well as a successful cancer genome sequencing, the creation of brain tissue from stem cells, which, if true, could mean great progress in combating brain diseases, storage carriers for cells that will allow them to transport and deliver payloads, "junk" DNA having a significant purpose, and what the Army is up to... that they're willing to tell us.

Last for tonight, online predators? Not so much of a threat to teenagers as, say, drugs or alcohol. And, perhaps for balance, what gun culture really looks like.

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