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04 August 2007 @ 03:14 am
Aiming for the point - 03 August 2007  
Today was a relaxing day - I played games and attended a nice party to send off one of my classmates to her new job. Much fun, shop talk, and politics was had by all. I brought chips, dip, and soda, and all three were consumed by the time the party ended. Oh, and huzzahs for droewyn, who after achieving an ascension this year in Nethack, added another level of experience to her Real Life avatar.

It being rather late when starting this entry, there may be less snark and more linkage. Hold on to your hats, people, here we go.

It appears to have been cemented as a talking point from conservative viewpoints that anything that increases Democratic misery must be good news, especially regarding Iraq and the economy. Oliver North is repeating it and also accusing the media of not wanting to play the good news, because of their own prejudices against Mr. Bush. The Oklahoma DMV certainly supports Mr. Bush, or holds plenty of people who do, with their offering of a GWOT vanity plate. And the part of Mr. Bush may be wanting to snag some extra electoral votes in California, attempting to put on the ballot a proposal to award the electoral college votes of California individually by congressional district. As such, a normally blue state like California might end up giving a significant number of red electoral votes. As an experiment across the country, this might be seen as a real attempt, but just in California, it looks like a way to try and rig up an election.

Chiquita self-reports demands to pay "protection money" to Colombian paramillitary forces, asks Justice Department whether they should, either gets no response or no for a response, pays up, self-reports, gets fined. End of story, right? Except the Colombian government established the intermediaries used for the transfer of the payment. which could indicate a significantly less stable hold on the country or the existence of a lot of people in the government who aren’t fully committed to it. So there may have been quite some debate up at Justice as to whether to look the other way on the payment or to crack down on it. How much does everyone know about it?

New South Wales police have been authorized to take DNA samples from any criminal offender, regardless of the severity of the crime. Much like abuses that have been perpetuated upon the American citizenry, the defence is the need to combat terrorism. So, how much terror is being caused by all this need to combat terror, hrm? Also of interest to the humans is the first deployment of armed radio-controlled robots in combat operations. If successful, we might see more of them, abroad and at home. With worry that significant numbers of United States military personnel/equipment are being used to advance a specific type of Christian belief, having just robots staring you in the face could very well be quite the problem, both to those who are felled by the robots and those who fell the robots, because the Humes behind them continue on.

Running theory about religious conservatives and the 1950’s gets another plank on the bridge - this one from 1954, I believe, as the Texas legislature has added "one state under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance, following the already added “under God” that split “one nation, indivisible”. And another possible throwback to the 1950 or well before that, Ohio is considering requiring any woman who wants an abortion to obtain the consent of the father. In the case of rape or incest, a police report would be required. It is noted that the bills are unlikely to come to fruition. I’m sure that without exercising too much imagination, situations where such a law would be problematic come to mind.

In technology, as we’ve been learning all along, user-generated content, and the tools to make it, are hot things even to the point where several languages and sites are being offered to get people to make their own content. The map modders and trigger-placers have understood this for a while, now it seems that tools for “the rest of us” are getting into the game.

Germany just got friendlier to some P2P operations, where the public prosecutors have been instructed not to ask for IP addresses in file-sharing cases, because the supervising authority doubted that the people asking for such investigations of criminality are serious about pressing charges all the way, where civil suits are the more likely outcome. Additionally, they found no reason why such investigations would be in the public’s interest. At least, that’s what it looks like. Anything I missed or misinterpreted?

Bruce Schneier interviews Kip Hawley, director of the Transportation Security Administration about bombs, terrorist plots, and whether or not the TSA is actually doing anything at all to make flights safer.

There’s one more issue, to follow in separate posting as I obtain appropriate information and follow through on a couple things to make sure I get accounts straight. In any case, snooze time.
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Plain Rebecca Janeannaonthemoon on August 4th, 2007 04:30 pm (UTC)
Shouldn't the OK plate show something related to the Oklahoma City bombing instead of the Twin Towers? That's...weird. I'd expect that out of NY State, but Oklahoma?

I didn't even know states had state pledges. I know we didn't have one in NJ. Then again, Texas is weird.

Didn't a state already try to do this "need the father's consent" crap? The thing is, While I understand the desire for the father to be able to make the descision too, the father isn't the one who has to go through the pregnancy and birth. And, since the mother is the one to go through all of that, she's also the one more likely to get "stuck" with raising the kid alone if the father then decides to abandon her, especially if he abandons her partway through the pregnancy. I just really wish men would get out of our uterus!

Silver Adeptsilveradept on August 4th, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
You wonder, but sometimes you find things in the strangest of places. Not to worry, though, as I'm sure there are plenty of people who are just as enthused about such a thing and will want their state's DMV to carry such a thing.

Regarding father's consent issues, I am inclined to say that those persons that do want the father's consent or input on the issue will seek it, and that those who do not, were not given consent of their own, or don't have a father to consult are probably not going to be anything more than really pissed off if they suddenly have to start asking input or showing proof of a report they were raped. This might have an unintended side effect of having a lot more rapes reported than previously before, but it's not a step forward all told.

This seems to be more of a ploy to pander to the people who still believe women are chattel and should be barefoot, in the kitchen, making food when they're not letting their husband do whatever he wants with them and making children in the bedroom.