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And back - 8 April 2007

It is poor form to have an outage in the middle of one’s attempts to upload comics and do livejournal entries. That said, here we go again. This is a big update, fattened through my being away for a while. Enjoy.

Oh, and happy Spring Festival.

I don’t think this is a complete list, but for those looking to spice up their vocab (or their Scrabble score), a list of adjectives, from A to Zed. The power of language is great. A family who bought a furniture set from a local store found this out first hand, when the newly-bought sofa, loveseat, and chair, came marked as "Nigger Brown" for the color. The buck is being passed as fast as possible to avoid responsibility for this one. If you’d like something more visual, have a look at 21 fantastic game-related cosplay costumes. For 31 October or any other time. A different type of creativity is on display at the 13th Canstruction competition, hopefully this time without stupid reporters crashing all the cans down. However, if you just want pure power, then Easter Bunny meets 5.8kV will probably do in a pinch. If you’re going interactive, try learning how to open a champagne bottle with a sword. That’s an interesting party trick.

More pet food recalls. It’s timed to perfecting, going from spike to lag to spike to lag... it’s like some sort of puppy terrorism or something.

All the branches in the Jackson County, Oregon library system are being closed because nearly 80 percent of their budget disappeared when the federal funding went. There are proposals in the works to increase taxes so that the library can re-open, but it will take a little while for them to make it to the ballot, and then they have to pass. For now, the library is closing its doors.

A 30-year old woman is alleged to have posed as a 17-year old boy to sexually abuse a 14-year old girl. Which is a rather weird premise, as I think about it. Once again, truth is stranger than fiction. In the case of the previous link, the fiction is more attractive, as well.

Now that the furor over the British soldiers in Iran is dying down, we get to peek inside and see what was going on behind the scenes. First, as expected, those freed say their "cooperation" was coerced throguh death threats. During the crisis, the United States offered to conduct "aggressive patrols" in Iranian airspace, confirming that according to this administration, any excuse is a good one. The UK wisely declined the offer and asked the U.S. to step down the aggression and stay out of things. Jesus’ General has a small analysis of the role of wars of aggression and religious beliefs in continuing a warlike policy. The religion makes the people feel unmanly, the war and the nationalism makes people think that manliness is achieved through the liberal application of violence. Then there’s always a new challenge to the manliness, and the cycle continues anew.

A small smattering of religiously-related material - first, Genesis remixed, on the Gnostic track. From there, Michael Cooper, a self-proclaimed evangelical, posts on Open Source Theology a piece called What I Learned About Christianity From The Druids. Interesting stuff to read, and he keeps away from drawing much for conclusions about the Druids, instead drawing lots of conclusions about the Christians. For slightly less positive conclusions being drawn about a select group of people who call themselves Christians, Feministe offers rebuttals to responses on a survey about women's modesty. Some of the survey responses quoted are eye-openers. In Poland, a new law would require every Polish citizen to disclose whether they cooperated with communists over the years that Poland was under the USSR's rule. Nothing like making sure that everyone’s pure, by whatever definition that is...

BusinessWeek would like to ask Is Google Too Powerful? This comes mostly from Google’s continuing diversification beyond search into other arenas, offering products and services that others get rather nervous at. Is Googlezon the way of the future? Or will Google be snuffed out in the next generation of search and all-in-one kinds of technology? Only the future will tell.

Johnny Hart, creator of "B.C." and co-creator of "The Wizard of Id", died from a stroke Saturday. So there may be less Bible quotations and poems in the Sunday funnies soon, unless he is succeeded by a family member or coworker. OR the syndicate decides to keep it going.

The last for tonight is a social experiment. If a famous violinist plays in the middle of D.C., does anyone stop to listen? The answer.... well, have a look at the article and see for yourself. I’m going to bed.
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