January 5th, 2017


The feeling of being a little caught up, maybe. - November-December 02016

Beginning again with advice for the non-selfie type on how to take good selfies.

Tarot by Thistle, for those needs that can be assisted by cards.

A Tarot deck involving the Sailor Scouts and their enemies.

What a moon sign suggests about a person.

Things that people who are not feeling their feelings do to avoid feeling feelings.

The complexity of watching someone get what might be an appropriately karmic fate.

Perhaps it is time to retire the term graphic novel, as comics have more achieved widespread acceptance as a serious art form?

The White House having a rocking party. Pictures of the outgoing President. More pictures of the outgoing President. The outgoing President as a baller. The unabashed joy of electing a black man President. Pictures of the outgoing First Lady. Mannequinning with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Distributing candy to costumed revelers. People look nothing like their younger selves.

Honor to those whose movement reverberates and reminds everyone that black lives matter. Glory to those who go to Valhalla having fought well against cancers and abusers and those fights that are not glorified in Midgard.

Badass women of 2016.

Approaching the soundtrack of Moana with an eye toward making it strongly Polynesian.

The reality that brassiere fitting is the best way to know what fits, and that it doesn't mean a damn thing in terms of size. Also, actually, a really neat trick about red as a color that vanishes under white. And Victoria's Secret has no clue at all on how to do things correctly.

Role models in sexuality still tend toward centering white penises doing abusive actions.

Why people fear Superman, even though he demonstrates regularly that he's not playing into those fears. The burdens of attempting assimilation that can never actually succeed.

The joy that comes with being able to put a name to something. The joys of friendship among those who understand.

Children will do what you tell them to.

The ghost story traditions of Christmas time.

Cards Against Science Fiction. And a lot of other things.

Stories of celebrities behaving well.

A call to politicians to find libraries adequately and for librarians and libraries to be more of the community institutions they claim to be.

The Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve, along with a cat that eats those who are unprepared for the winter.

The story structure of fairy tales are very different depending on culture, such that the Campbellian monomyth doesn't apply or doesn't hit squarely. Reminders that publishers will have a long way to go before they will represent disability well.

Paris attempts to reduce pollution by banning certain cars and trying to make public transport very attractive to ride.

On the importance of being able to stop and think, so as to solve problems or have a discussion. On the necessity of being nice to those working retail jobs.

When told all you should do is be willing to settle for what you can get, seizing what you want is the best revenge.

21 young women, girls, and femmes changing the world.

Inclusive headscarf design.

Cultural appropriation buries the stories of those who have come to their identity by living it. Representation in literature matters. Appropriation also sometimes means people asking questions without having done any work and expecting answers. And it also means the expectation that everyone's film classics are the same or that dark-skinned fictional people are always savage and aggressive to the white people around them. It means lawsuits and settlements when hipster clothing outfits take your name and tribal pattern to sell things inappropriate to your culture.

Friendship trumps all sorts of things.

Successfully merging religious identity and sexual orientation.

A successful wedding, even if the marriage isn't legally recognized.

Sigourney Weaver on the roles she has played where the women are unlikable, whether by design or by the fans.

Flossie Wong Staal, the virologist who first replicated HIV and helped determine that it was the cause of AIDS.

The increased connectivity of our world makes it easier for us to be overwhelmed by our own powerlessness, which makes our years seem subjectively to be the worst possible ones. There were plenty of good things to celebrate in 2016. And maybe we can all be the relief of burden that someone else needs right now.

Coaching and lessons on charisma and how to charm a crowd.

Being an ally does not shield you, but says you are willing to listen to critique and to act to help marginalized people. Here are some suggestions. (As self-education is much more helpful than trying to find someone who will do it for you.)

Writing for a different medium helps improve writing skill across all media. The changing definitions of worldbuilding. Yet another plea to avoid using sexual assault as a cheap plot device.

Monstering, a magazine at the intersection of disability and nonbinary.

Moxi, an all women roller-skating tricks team.

The dance of work, being a woman, and parenthood.

Role modeling requires someone in the role to do the modeling.

Be polite to retail workers. (See consumerism for what it is, too.)

Information about how one might go about finding a menstrual cup that works, should someone have the parts that would make it a good idea to purchase. There's also a recommendation, but you can take or leave that as you like. A safer sex campaign using Sailor Moon as the mascot.

More accurate nail polish shades. And fashion illustrations using nail polish as their paint.

Transforming baked goods into interesting scenes.

The Disney Princesses reimagined with tattoos.

Idiomatic phrases in French. Pictures of persons living in Toronto who are originally from every other country in the world.

The construction of a strawberry rose. Artistic constructions of coins. A paper flower installation. Snow transforms a hero into Vader.

New species! And very old ones. A spider named after the Sorting Hat. A cute kitten, decorated, a cute kitten, purring, tarantulas and frogs working together, a cat as stress relief for college students, and everyone else, well-captioned dogs, a dog and their cat companion, sleepy grooming, elephant facts, a dog that has learned how to guide humans to their treats, a perching kitten, a shared emotional state, even DEATH pets kittens, a tortoise-hare race, young ones experiencing the world for the first time, a seal and a dog having a hug, a kitten dressed as a bat, tweets from somewolf clearly not pretending to be a man, glowing creatures (and some of the science with it), recognizing cat asthma, cats that believe they are hiding from the vet, a rescue goat successfully managing anxiety, dogs and humans in before and after pictures, dogs not actually breaking the rules, pieces of good cheer, Terran creatures that look like alien life forms, a tissue box that looks like a cat in a tissue box, and capturing cats in the middle of a pounce.

Technology has a device to turn any bed into a privacy tent, pictures of Mars, then and now, the incredible successes of the Cassini mission, another consequence of an insightful algorithm - it takes paid ads to displace Holocaust deniers off of Google's to results, results that are there because the algorithms have been gamed, a polymer that could defeat antibiotic-resistant organisms by destroying their integrity, actual delivery by drone, attempted cultural preservation through Facebook, embedding seeds in newspapers so that they can grow plants, the knowledge that Word has templates to make sure papers are formatted correctly, the fact that there really isn't any method for losing body weight that works and that engaging in yo-yoing with your weight is bad for you, the reason why a vampire should be able to post a selfie, the very bad consequences of underwater nuclear testing, an automaton that could identify itself by signing its work, tools to make removing your online presence easier, toys that can easily be used as surveillance and recording devices, Stitch maps, that let you see how a project will come into existence, and the ability to download Netflix material to a device for offline viewing.

Last for tonight, very few people understand what they're giving up when they articulate a desire to renounce the world. Because many aspects of high technology are so embedded that they won't notice them until they're really gone.

A new story from H.G. Wells.

Advice on remaining a creative person even in terrible times. Which may involve making music with basketballs. Or finding effective study aids.

School presentations with intent to tell things like they are. Going through the Williams-Sonoma catalog with a snark-toothed comb.

At the very end, I'm sorry things are rough right now, but I think you're pretty great. Some inspirational phrases.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Fandom Snowflake 05 - We Recommend The Following.

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

These are the first three that I can recommend in the Yuletide collection. They will not be the last ones, but I'm crunched for time, as usual.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia...and for a lot more than what he bargained for.

Some Who Or Other explains, in Seussical verse, how the Whos discovered their missing Christmas, and then convinced a Grinch to return it all.

Mage #24 is all about what happens when your campaign actually goes well enough that the expendable squishy wizard doesn't bite it before you get to know them.

Of course, you could just read the Yuletide collection and get these and many more recommended works all at once. Especially with the influx of new people to Dreamwidth, there's a lot of space to go exploring.

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