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24 September 2013 @ 05:57 pm
Some things never change, do they? 16 September - 24 September 02013  
Let's get started. Sexual harassment happens to women who go outside, almost without fail, starting with the seemingly-innocuous touch and "Smile." and getting progressively worse. The Everyday Sexism Project aims to help document the casual harassment that happens daily to women, from grabbing, groping, propositioning, all the way through rape. And some of these stories are to women when they were very young.

It isn't just Catholic priests getting in trouble for fooling about with their congregations and then shuffling off to start fresh on a new group.

Even when trying to exclude people that they considered "insufficiently motivated" to lose weight, researchers find that diets do not work. Put next to that, ever notice how people with medical conditions are told they're awful if they're managing their conditions with science, and they're told they're awful and dangerous if they aren't managing their conditions with science? It's like there's some sort of unwinnable situation they get stuck in by he society around them, or something. Which means that they have to fight all that much harder for themselves, unapologetically.

Worse, giving people who are stuck in their beliefs facts and the truth about reality...makes them cling to their beliefs more. I believe we referred to this as the sunk cost fallacy at some point - so emotional investment is also part of what engages this particular fallacy.

Pennsylvania State University is temporarily suspending their $100 / month penalty on employees who don't take part in an invasive health survey. But only temporarily.

A contractor with a legally-purchased weapon shot and killed many at the naval yard in Washington D.C..

A library aide was dismissed from her post, after expressing her opposition to changing a summer reading program from a most-books-wins to a random-selection, after someone higher-up in the organization wanted the change, following a child winning the contest for the fifth straight year. Although the aide was not dismissed officially because of her opinion, it seems the most likely reason.

A library with no paper books, but thousands of electronic books, opened in Texas. The physical location also has computers, e-readers, and programming, so it's not a completely digital entity. In some neighborhoods, this concept could work, but most of the places I have been still need the paper books because the economics don't work out for an all-e collection.

The Curiosity rover has encountered rock composition that suggests there were liquid water streams on the Martian surface..

A program to help generate landmasses for planets. Perfect for aspiring science fiction writers or others that need alien geography.
We'll compare this with the person that creates beautiful art with Excel shapes.

The stars in the sky are still alive, even though we're seeing them as they were several hundreds of years ago.

The media group that owns Penthouse Magazine (and several adult dating websites) is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Brazil, understandably concerned about the United States National Security Agency's large net of spying, is trying to geographically isolate its data away from the U.S. Considering that the NSA likes to target network routers for hacking, it may not make a difference for Brazil to do this.

A statement, asking for signatories, to make even more conscious effort to include trans* in feminism.

The idea of the Massively Open Online Course as a public lecture series, conferring and preserving knowledge, and as a possible way of handling some of the lecture in college credit courses.

Reading a scientific paper, for non-scientists. It's a really good introduction on what you'll need to understand so that you can make informed decisions about all the claims being made in the name of science.

Writing diversity in fiction of any sort has a lot of pitfalls to avoid, some of which can be defeated by a lot of research and awareness.

A student project intended to allow people to muck up targeted advertising cookies could possibly allow people to browse the web in other guises.

Adults who were blind and are now able to see have significant issues adjusting to the new visual world.

A newly discovered mathematical construct may be able to reconcile current quantum theory with phenomena such as gravity, and does so through the use of a geometric form in many dimensions. The extra neat thing about it is that using the new form allows for calculations that used to take armadas of computers to be done with paper and pencil.

Some lighter fare - a concise explanation of the nine alignments of Dungeons and Dragons, the Empire's assessment of the military strength of the Star Trek universe, charcoal cooking makes meat taste more bacon-y, science about the habits of the domestic cat and a cake that contains all the layers of Terra, by layering cake upon cake.

Last for this entry, Just about anything that you take a picture of is covered under a copyright, whether people, places, or things. So if you were hoping that somehow you could avoid copyright issues while taking pictures...well, stick to nature, I guess.

Also, using your favorite image manipulation program to generate high-quality RPG maps for your minis.

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Obstructionist Husband: Cyranosethewayne on September 25th, 2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
That's ridiculous and sad about the library aide, I'd guess the director is an "everybody wins" sort of person and by turning the winner in to a lottery she removed any incentive to try to read lots of books: once you hit your ten books there's no reason to read further. I would expect another library to try to snap up the aide, she has lots of experience and families will follow her. The director? She might have some problems finding another position, it'd be interesting to find out why she was sacked.

Interesting about Penthouse, amazing how their stock plunged.

I look forward to studying the D&D map article, I've fallen in love with a game called Flash Point: Fire Rescue, a great cooperative game for fighting fires, and I really want to do a 747. This might give me the tools to do that.
Silver Adept: Defaultsilveradept on September 25th, 2013 10:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, not exactly the message to be sending to the staff, either.

Penthouse falls victim to The Internet Is For Porn?

Glad to know the map article might be helpful for the game. Let us know how it turns out.