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26 September 2012 @ 11:14 am
Link dump - 15-25 September 02012  
Up top, the stirrings of SCIENCE! The 2012 Ig Nobel Prizes, that is. Which is all science, published and everything, that will make you laugh...and then think.

Out in the world today, the United States suspended joint operations between themselves and Afghan security after yet another attack by insurgents using coalition uniforms to carry out their attack.

There's something wrong with society when it is all in favor of Page 3, yet insists that nursing mothers should cover up because it's not proper. There's also a bit about the general silliness of stating your preference for the status quo, without supporting your points or showing your work, in a place that's about changing the status quo, with several examples of how one goes about supporting their points on why the status quo should change.

The attack on the Libyan consulate may have had an unexpected fringe benefit for the U.S. - it may have galvanized everyone in the country against al-Qaeda.

Y'know the unique brand of eugh that is the fringes of the so-called pro-life movement? Remember that it's exporting itself, and cringe. And notice where it could easily go - Iran, for example, forbids women from studying certain disciplines at university, with no real justification given. (We suspect it's because those women appear to be taking their university education and leading more independent lives...but it could also be a retaliation against the high participation of women in the Green Revolution protests.)

Domestically, Willard "Mitt" Romney wants you to know that he does care about the poor, except, of course, when he'snot dismissing nearly half the electroate as hopelessly dependent on government and not taking personal responsibility for their lives. (Additionally, he believes that peace in the Middle East isn't possible, nor a two-state solution, that he would be willing to put an Iran-like hostage situation to his advantage, and many more interesting highlights.) The candidness is because of being in front of donors, and the tape itself is secret, no press allowed. For those who don't have time to watch the video or listen to the audio, here's a transcript of everything that Romney said at this fundraising dinner. If you didn't have enough evidence before to convince you that Mitt Romney is unqualified to be the President, here's yet more to prove the point.

Desperately trying to get away from those remarks, the Romney campaign attacked the President on believing in redistribution of wealth, (SOCIALISM!) and others attempted to draw parralels with Obama's candidate remarks abotu people clinging to guns and religion, but if you pay attention to context, that really doesn't work, for the reasons about to be stated...

The President offered a strong critique of the Romney remarks on David Letterman's show, referencing his own record and statements that he was going to be a President for everybody, right after he was elected. Even the guns and religion remarks mention that he wants to be President for everyone and to try and find commonalities, even with the people who are stridently opposed to you. Besides, the classism inherent in Romney's statement shows how out-of-touch he is with what counts as government aid.

A gaffe like that draws the attention of snarkers, deadpan and otherwise, and thus, We are the 47 percent.

Elsewhere, strangely enough, when you claim that alive people are dead in an effort to get them offthe voter rolls, they tend to come back and say "We're not dead, stupid!"

What's a library dollar worth? When it comes to e-books and e-audio, according to the Douglas County Libraries, the library's dollar is worth about one-sixth to one-twentieth the dollar of a regular consumer, since libraries get charged six to twenty (or more) times what the price for consumers will be for the same material. And that's if you can get it at all. Examine one of the reports put out [PDF].

Also, the standard has either moved or is now being more stringently enforced - unless one sees mustache-twirling and someone explicitly says they want to do something for racial reasons, the mainstream media will not call it racist. Allow us an example, please - Senator Scott Brown and his campaign accused Elizabeth Warren of manipulating affirmative action by claiming First Nations ancestry to get ahead, with the clear implication that Professor Warren is obviously a white woman by appearance, and thus can't actually be minority. (She has the ancestry, though.) Which is a reversal of what used to be the standard - if you had any sort of minority blood, you were definitely a minority and worthy of discrimination and issues. Oh, wait... staffers for the GOP mocked Elizabeth Warren with "war whoops and chops" at one of her events.

Speaking of Scott Brown, he's in favor of unions when it comes to sports, but apparently not when it comes to other working-class people.

In opinions, The story of King Canute, as told through two examples of Neil Armstrong and the movement that believes praying the gay away is an effective means of influencing people and getting them to change.

Let us comment upon the nature of pink as a supposedly girls-only color that girls intrinsically like for a moment, hmmm? And then, an appropriately calibrated mirror for those worried that their bust gets in the way of their beauty.

One of the right ways of doing religion - letting the practitioners find a meaning that works for themselves. As opposed to blaming a founding principle of the country on Satan and claiming it only came about in the 1960s.

The economics of whether or not an inn or tavern would be available for travelers and role-playing parties in Ye Standarde Fantasy Towne.

Last out, a piece of great awesome - a practical, useful guide for caring for your anxious-depressive, and good writing about having permission to be creative and to share your own story in what works for you (or doesn't).

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